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Joint Ventures

Transatlantic Joint Venture

The Joint Venture provides customers with an integrated trans-Atlantic network, today the largest in the world accounting for 25% of the entire capacity offered on the trans-Atlantic market, and allows the four partner carriers to share costs and revenue on the routes included in the agreement.
It applies to all flights between Canada, United States, Mexico and Europe, between Amsterdam and India and between North America and Tahiti and benefits from the “Trans-Atlantic antitrust immunity” recognized by the US government. 

The Joint Venture governing body is the CEO Committee composed by the CEOs of the four companies that establishes strategies.

The Joint Venture network is structured around 7 main hubs: Amsterdam, Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York JFK and Paris Charles De Gaulle and Rome Fiumicino.

Thanks to the collaboration between the four companies, customers can take advantage of a network with more than 300 destinations in North America and 200 in Europe, Asia and Latin America, with a wide selection of flights and schedules with more than 250 trans-Atlantic flights daily, advantageous fares and integrated services.

Alitalia's participation in the Joint Venture is part of a long-term agreement valid at least until 31 March 2022.