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Press Releases

Alitalia: expiring miles date extended to January 2020 for 5 million members

The MilleMiglia programme is 100% owned by Alitalia again. Alitalia and Global Loyalty Company LLC – a subsidiary of Etihad Aviation Group – have signed an agreement according to which Global Loyalty Company LLC has sold the 75% of Alitalia Loyalty S.p.A. - the company managing the customer loyalty programme - to the Italian carrier. On occasion of the shareholding conveyance, Alitalia has decided to ensure an important benefit to all members: miles’ validity will be granted a one-year extension and the new deadline is now set for 31 January 2020.

With over 5 million members, MilleMiglia is one of the most extensive loyalty programmes in Italy. Furthermore, the assets coming from customers’ database, potential development of commercial partnerships and marketing opportunities associated with miles collection make Alitalia Loyalty a strategic asset for the development prospects of the Italian airline. Alitalia will also be able to continue to benefit from the skills and professionalism of the staff currently employed by Alitalia Loyalty.

Daniele Discepolo, Alitalia’s Special Commissioner and Alitalia Loyalty’s Chairman, declared: «Loyalty’s comeback in Alitalia’s hands highly contributes to better evaluate the overall corporate assets, representing a fundamental business for the airline that must set passengers’ satisfaction as its main goal. Indeed, we are committed to immediately providing an even more customised loyalty programme».

Gavin Halliday, Global Loyalty Company’s Managing Director, said: «Over the past few years, Etihad has worked very hard, in collaboration with Alitalia, to improve services and benefits for MilleMiglia members, which has greatly benefitted Alitalia. This transaction will ensure that millions of MilleMiglia members continue to enjoy the benefits of a world class loyalty programme».