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Alitalia: new special flights and increased number of scheduled services to facilitate return of thousands of Italian citizens stranded abroad

New Alitalia special flights, in collaboration with the Crisis Unit of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and more scheduled services to repatriate thousands of Italian citizens, including many students, still stranded abroad.

In line with the mission of ensuring an essential public service, from today Alitalia has increased the number of scheduled flights from London Heathrow to five daily, in order to meet the needs of those who wish to return home from the United Kingdom. Alitalia has also increased services from Brussels to twice daily in order to meet the needs also of compatriots still in the Netherlands, after the suspension of flights to and from Amsterdam. Flights from Paris were also increased to double daily. Tickets also for these flights are on sale on website.

Alitalia is going on with the organization of special flights, in coordination with the Crisis Unit of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to facilitate return home for thousands of compatriots from those countries where normal scheduled flights are no longer possible, due to the restrictions imposed on air traffic to and from Italy.

In the next few hours, further special flights will be organized from Spain (Madrid and Malaga) between 21 and 26 March, from Moldova (Chişinău) on 22 March, from Greece (Athens) and Poland (Warsaw) on 23 March, from Ukraine (Kiev) on 25 March and from Serbia (Belgrade) on 26 March.

Since the beginning of the emergency, Alitalia has already operated special flights from the Maldives, Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe), Warsaw, Sofia, Kiev, Madrid, Malaga, Bucharest, Algiers and Tunis, carrying back to Italy over three thousand compatriots.

At the moment there are no outstanding requests for other special flights, however Alitalia is in contact with the Crisis Unit of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to organize new special flights, both passengers and cargo.