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ENAC and Alitalia present the Safety Card written in braille and characters in 3-D relief introduced on scheduled flights for the first time in the world.


Rome, 22 February 2010 –The President of Enac Vito Riggio, the CEO of Alitalia Rocco Sabelli, the General Director of Enac Alessio Quaranta and the Central Airport Coordination Director of Enac Daniele Carrabba presented the Safety Briefing Card created for the first time in the world for blind or visually-impaired passengers.

The card, which contains all the passenger safety information, is written in braille, with 3-D relief figures for the blind according to the readability and color contrast requirements for the visually impaired.

The new card was developed by Enac in cooperation with the Federazione Nazionale delle Istituzioni Pro Ciechi (National Federation of Institutions for the Blind). Alitalia will be the first company in the world to make it available on board approximately 90 aircraft of its medium-haul Airbus fleet.

On board Alitalia's medium-haul Airbus aircraft, blind and visually-impaired passengers, in addition to receiving a personalized briefing by the cabin crew personnel, can consult the new card which will contain the following:

  •  text printed with characters and colors suitable for the visually impaired (and any traveling companion)
  •  text printed in braille
  •  figures printed in 3-D that illustrate elements such as the location of safety exits, the layout and configuration of the cabin, the way to fasten and unfasten the safety belt, the positions to take in case of an emergency and the use of the life vest and oxygen mask.

President Vito Riggio, in presenting the initiative, remarked: "As was the case for the first edition in Europe of the Passengers Charter of Passengers’ Rights in braille which we printed and has been available since June 2010, we are proud to present this latest useful information aid in favour of blind and visually-impaired passengers. I would like to point out that it was created for the first time in the world by our country and that it will be distributed on Alitalia flights, the first company to adopt the project. Alitalia, therefore, has chosen this new onboard welcoming policy for travelers with visual impairments, indication of the carrier's particular focus on passenger needs”.

General Director Alessio Quaranta noted “That presented today is a tool which is the result of experience accumulated in recent years within Enac with professionalism dedicated to the quality of services and the rights of all passengers. With this specific initiative, we also provide those with visual impairments an additional possibility of enjoying their air travel with dedicated and complete information aids that will help passengers to acquire more information about safety”.

Alitalia’s CEO Rocco Sabelli stated: “We dedicate this initiative to the thousands of blind and visually-impaired passengers that fly with our Company every year. Alitalia is proud to be the first airline company in the world to have chosen to adopt this new tool dedicated to the tranquility and security of its passengers. This tool represents a further step along its path of innovation and social responsibility”.

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